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Welcome to the XEmacs Beta Zone.  The software in these directories is
under development - use with caution.

Development and support for Beta XEmacs takes place on the XEmacs Beta
mailing list `'.  

To subscribe, send a message with the magic word `subscribe' as the 
*body* to `'.  Similarily, to unsubscribe, 
send a message with the word `unsubscribe' as the body.  For more help,
send a message with the word `help' as the body to `'.

For the latest up-to-date information read the file etc/BETA in the
latest development release of XEmacs 20.x.

If you are looking to help develop the MS Windows port of XEmacs, the
mailing list for that is `'.  To subscribe send a
mail message with the magic word `subscribe' in the *body* to

To get notification of new XEmacs beta releases please send a mail message
with a the magic word `subscribe' in the *body* to
`'.  The release announcements are also
posted to xemacs-beta.

If you decide to build a test version of XEmacs please email a copy of the
Installation file created in the toplevel directory to

Note that all dates are relative to Japanese Standard (+0900) Time.

20.4 Release	(Bug fixes only -- February 1998)
Current:	20.4, released February 28

21.0 Release	(March 1999)
Current:	21.0.67, released March 25

21.1 Release	(Bug fixes only -- As needed)
Current:	21.1.2, released May 14
Next:		21.1.3, unscheduled

21.2 Release	(???)
Current:	21.2.22, released November 30
Next:		21.2.23, scheduled for Monday, December 6